New Law Set To Go Into Effect Next Month Has County Clerks Mounting A Revolt…

(Tea Party 247) – New York is continuing its transformation into a total liberal dystopia. In June, the “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act” was passed by the state’s General Assembly. The amendment, passed with an 87/61 vote, would essentially give illegal aliens access to drivers licenses. How can anybody possibly think this is a […]

ISIS Bride Loses As Federal Judge Rules She Is Not A US Citizen

(Tea Party 247) – Hoda Muthana, the 25-year-old woman who was born in New Jersey but then traveled to Syria to join ISIS, has lost her day in court. She has tried desperately to play the victim and tug on heartstrings here in America so that we would foot the bill for her and her […]

Kissinger Warns Conflict With China Could Be “Worse Than World Wars”

(Tea Party 247) – There has always been competition between the US and China and recently with Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese-imported goods, it seems as though the possibility of escalation between the two countries is not a far-fetched idea. Despite the fact that China is a major offender of violating human rights, with […]

11,000 Scientists Slaughtering Billions To Save The Planet. No, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – The climate change “crisis” is a myth. The climate has been changing for the entire duration of its existence. It goes through warming phases and cooling phases. This is nothing new and most definitely not worth the panic mode leftists appear to be in. On one hand, you have genuine lefties […]

Hong Kong In First Annual Recession Since Global Financial Crisis; Here Are The Details

(Tea Party 247) – Hong Kong has been in the news a whole lot lately, thanks in large part to the protesters there who have had their fill of communism and want to have the same freedoms that we have here in America. Who can forget those videos of protesters taking to the streets of […]

New Report Reveals The Real Motivations Behind The Deep State’s Witch Hunt To Impeach Trump

(Tea Party 247) – It’s no secret that the radical left has been on the warpath against President Trump since the very first day on the job, but what a lot of folks don’t realize is that it’s not just outspoken Democrats in Congress that have been working against the commander-in-chief. In fact, the biggest […]

Angry Atheists Are At It Again; Here’s What They’re Demanding This High School Football Coach Stop Doing With His Team

(Tea Party 247) – Christianity has been under attack in America by atheists for a long, long time. However, it’s only been in recent years that the wrathful god-haters have turned up the heat and launched a full-on assault against faith, attempting to eradicate expressions of Christianity from every part of the public square. We’ve […]

Elizabeth Warren Sells ‘Billionaire Tears’ Mugs Online; Hilariously, Guess Who Owns The Website

(Tea Party 247) – Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is proving each and every day why she absolutely should not ever be allowed to sit in the White House wearing the moniker of President of the United States. She’s not only a corrupt liar, but also completely ignorant of how economics works. Warren’s platform has […]

Google Paving The Way For America’s “Social Credit Score” System

(Tea Party 247) – This is the absolute last thing the world needs. Just as we have learned that Tech Giant Google has been collecting health data on millions of Americans, we have also learned that they will soon also be offering checking accounts in partnership with two major banking institutions. Yeah. This is not […]

Alert: Pentagon Official Issues Warning About China’s AI Drone Ambitions

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this month, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper issued a warning during a speech on artificial intelligence at the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence public conference that China is exporting what he calls “next-generation drones” to countries in the Middle East, according to Flight Global. “Beijing has made it abundantly […]


Pelosi Urges Trump To Use The Constitution To Deal With Guns

There’s been a lot of whispers behind closed doors that Trump is looking to take executive action regarding gun control. It’s all for good...

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