A Recently Released 1972 Interview With Bernie Sanders Has Resurfaced And The Politician He Gives Praise To Could Have A Negative Impact On His Campaign

(Tea Party 247) – Liberal politicians have been passing themselves off as crusaders for the racially oppressed for decades. The only problem is, when you look back through history, the same people claim to be the savior of minorities are usually the same folk keeping them chained up, metaphorically speaking.

There’s a lot of hypocrisy involved in the Democratic Party on this particular topic, but nowhere is it so glaringly obvious than in a 1972 interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders where he gives massive praise to a politician that Martin Luther King Jr. called the “most dangerous racist in America.”

The timing on this being dug back up could not be better, right?

Here’s more via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Bernie Sanders is a fraud.

Everything the lazy, multi-millionaire Socialist and lifetime politician would like his followers to believe is a lie.

He doesn’t represent every American—and socialism is not fair or equitable, in fact, Socialism kills.

When Bernie Sanders was asked in March about legislation he’s passed to help Black Americans, the lifetime politician Bernie Sanders couldn’t give one example.

During an interview on the popular Breakfast Club radio show, the Democrat Party presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders was asked about what he’s done to help Black Americans? Sanders claimed that in 1988, he was one of the only white people to support Jesse Jackson, The Breakfast Club host Charlemagne the god, asked, “Any legislation you can point to?” Bernie choked.

The Washington Examiner has just revealed that Socialist multi-millionaire Bernie Sanders was a big supporter of George Wallace, one of the most well-known segregationists of his time.

Seven years after Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to George Wallace as “perhaps the most dangerous racist in America today,” a young Bernie Sanders praised the segregationist Alabama governor.

In an interview with the Brattleboro Reformer in 1972, Sanders, then 31, said Wallace “advocates some outrageous approaches to our problems, but at least he is sensitive to what people feel they need.”

Sanders, now a Vermont senator and 2020 Democrat, said, “What we need are more active politicians working for the people.”

The 1972 remarks surprised the interviewer at the time, who wrote that “even though [Sanders] has been labeled a ‘leftist radical’ by some persons, Sanders had some praise for [Wallace].”

At the time, Sanders was in the midst of his first political bid, as a gubernatorial candidate for the socialist Liberty Union Party. During that race, Sanders garnered only single-digit support — the first in a series of losses in bids for political office, before winning the Burlington mayor’s office, Vermont’s single House seat in 1990, and his current Senate seat in 2006.

Wallace was among the most well-known segregationists of his era. Wallace declared in his 1963 inaugural address as governor — he served three different non-consecutive terms — that he stood for “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Wallace won further infamy for standing in the front of the entrance of the University of Alabama, blocking the paths of black students.

He died in 1998 at 79, after becoming a born-again Christian and apologizing to black Americans for his previous policies.

The resurfacing of Sanders’s comments come after many Democrats begin fearing his rise in the presidential primary. For nearly a year, most of Sanders’s rivals have refrained from directly targeting his long paper trail of controversial statements and positions.

While there was a bipartisan consensus in the 1970s and 1980s against the totalitarian policies of the Soviet Union and Cuba, Sanders regularly touted what he saw as positive aspects of the regimes.

And last year, the Washington Examiner reported on Sanders’s history campaigning for the Marxist Socialist Workers party in 1980 and 1984. At one point, Sanders’s involvement with the SWP led to an FBI investigation when he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

The only time Bernie Sanders has ever backed a Democratic Party candidate for president was when he threw his support behind Jesse Jackson. Sanders himself was first elected to Congress as an independent in 1990 after he failed to win a House seat two years earlier.

At the end of the day, this story reveals the inherent hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and how it has always been an enemy of minorities. It still is today, they’re just better at hiding it. They take shelter behind “free stuff,” acting as if they are helping these folks, but in reality they are keeping them down and oppressed, hooked on the system.

This is one of many reasons Sanders and other Democrats should not sit in the White House.

Source: 100percentfedup.com/oops-1972-interview-reveals-bernie-sanders-praised-politician-martin-luther-king-jr-referred-to-as-most-dangerous-racist-in-america/

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