“Annihilation:” Muslim Cleric Issues Chilling Fatwa For…Coronavirus?

(Tea Party 247) – There is a disturbing, violent side to the global spread of Islam that the left turns a blind eye to. Well, that’s an understatement.

They’re in completely blind and willing denial of the outwardly radical nature of Islamic extremism, preferring to accuse white, Western Christian men of genocidal and tyrannical aspirations while jihadis openly declare war on the West.

If this isn’t insanity, I don’t know what is.

So while the same group of leftists whines and moans about racist memes exposing the disgusting origins of the coronavirus in China (i.e. eating bats), they’re completely ignoring the Muslim extremists who are cheering the virus on.

According to Infowars, a Muslim cleric has issued a fatwa celebrating the deadly coronavirus and calling for the “annihilation” of Chinese people.

On January 23rd last month, Syrian jihadi cleric Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Mahdi celebrated the spread of coronavirus in China and urged Muslims to pray for Allah to “annihilate” the people of China.

“Al-Mahdi is a prominent cleric who is well respected by jihadi factions, and who is known for his sermons and fatwas, in which he encourages Muslims to take part in jihad and carry out attacks inside Russia,” reports MEMRI.

Titled ‘Fatwas from the Land of Sham’ – Al-Mahdi was responding to a question from Muhammad Abu Nassir, who asked, “Is it permissible that we express our joy for what China is experiencing – the coronavirus and the death of the Chinese people?”

“Yes, yes we should express our joy and pray for their annihilation,” responded Al-Mahdi. “They [the Chinese] have declared resounding war and they killed, slaughtered, imprisoned, and oppressed the Uyghurs and non-Uyghur Muslims. They are the enemies of Allah and are Buddhists and communists.”

Al-Mahdi’s fatwa was issued via Telegram, but he is also apparently active on Twitter, which presumably permits jihadist fatwas yet just banned Zero Hedge for questioning the official story on the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, there have been innumerable articles published over the past 10 days which suggest that it is nothing short of sheer hatred and bigotry to point to the affinity the Chinese have to eat bats and its direct connection to the spread of the deadly virus, which has now killed hundreds (or tens of thousands, as is suspected the government is hiding).

Infowars notes:

The fact remains; Whatever the source of the coronavirus (the source of both Ebola and SARS was bats), eating bats, dogs, pulling the intestines out of live frogs and dipping baby mice in sauce then chomping down on their wriggling bodies – is all objectively disgusting.

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