Another Classic TV Show Abandons Integrity To Shamelessly Indoctrinate Young Children…

(Tea Party 247) – Another one bites the dust. Just like that, a beloved classic, Sesame Street, has succumb to the aggressive and perverse LGBT agenda. As if children need more LGBT bombarding than they already get on a regular basis, especially children who attend public schools. The mass LGBT indoctrination of children continues on and we lose another family favorite TV show.

Breitbart reports:

The PBS children’s show Sesame Street announced that Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award-winning actor Billy Porter will be featured wearing his Oscars dress when the program returns to TV for its 51st season, set to premiere on HBO Max later this year.

On its Facebook page, the venerable kid’s show celebrated Porter’s appearance, telling fans, “Billy Porter bringing those fierce vibes to Sesame Street #Season51.”

The photos shared by the TV show reveals that Porter visited the set wearing his voluminous velvet tuxedo gown and jacket by designer Christian Siriano that Porter wore to the 2019 Academy Awards show.

The Pose star took to Twitter and called his appearance “iconic” and said he was “tickled to meet Elmo.”

While the fervency of the LGBT agenda push seems to be intensifying, backlash to this announcement was swift and Facebook users did not mince words. Despite the post receiving more than 20,000 likes, around 6 thousand comments, and 7 thousand shares, a large number of respondents were dismayed and angered by the news.

Facebook user Arthur Schaper commented, “This is disgusting, wrong, vile, abusive, and just plain evil. Sesame Street has turned into Sodomy Street. SHAMEFUL.”

Another user, Tim Siers, wrote, “This agenda-driven network creative leadership working overtime to indoctrinate children should strongly reconsider this kind of action. I like so many millions of parents in America, find this kind of infusion to be greatly concerning. Despite what the loud and boisterous minority would have everyone to believe, this is not embraced by the majority. Just those that scream with the media’s bullhorn.”

Exactly right. The progressive LGBT agenda is most certainly not accepted by the majority and Americans are getting tired of it constantly being shoved down our throats at every turn.

This is exactly why LGBT advocates and activists zealously target children. They know adults are not willing to accept the perverseness and immorality of LGBT lifestyles as some kind of new norm. In order to mainstream these sick ideologies, they have to go after the next generations. Indoctrinate them from very early, brainwash and confuse them. It’s the only way the LGBT agenda will ever be fully incorporated into society.

Parents are starting to find their voices, though, and standing up to this madness. Another who opposed Porter’s appearance on Sesame Street said the show should be ashamed for forcing the gay agenda on children. “Yeah! Let’s confuse our children with more of this… my CHILDREN don’t need to be confused. LET THEM BE LITTLE!”

There is literally no reason for this other than to confuse young children and make them believe that dangerous and immoral lifestyles are just choices we make in life, like what color shirt to wear or what to have for dinner.

2020 is the start of a new era. An era in which Americans push back against this wickedness and depravity and begin the restoration of traditional values and morals in this once great country. If we stand in solidarity against this perverse agenda, we will prevail. America will be great once again.

Featured image credit: Sesame Street Facebook

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