Arkansas State Senator Takes To Facebook Over Sesame Street’s Latest Controversial LGBT Guest Appearance

(Tea Party 247) – Recently it was announced that gay activist, actor Billy Porter would be appearing on an episode of Sesame Street, apparently to teach children not to be bigots and how to be “inclusive.”

Nothing gets that message across quite like the constant inundation of the LGBT agenda everywhere our children look. If children are not being raised by their parents to be fierce advocates of the LGBT mafia, the LGBT mafia will just have to get the job done themselves. I digress.

Billy Porter, whom Sesame Street has dubbed “iconic,” is an outspoken LGBT activist who has caused waves by wearing gowns to awards shows, most notably his “tuxedo dress” which is featured in pictures advertising for the upcoming Sesame Street episode.

Apparently, causing children to be confused about their gender is an “iconic” thing to do, at least on Sesame Street it is.

One state senator has had enough of this blatant and tasteless indoctrination. Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert took to Facebook to call out Sesame Street for using tax funds to push the LGBT agenda on to unsuspecting families and children.

“What do you think I should do about this as your state senator? Do you approve of your taxpayer dollars being used to promote the radical LGBTQ agenda?” he asked in his Facebook post.

Above: Jason Rapert

The Arkansas Times has more:

Rapert also commented that he may target funding for AETN, the state’s PBS affiliate, headquartered in Rapert’s district in Conway. “I can pass a bill to cutoff all funding for the rebroadcast of PBS programming through AETN and also stop all funding for AETN altogether if necessary,” Rapert wrote on Facebook. “Fiscal Session starts April 8th.”

Since 2015, the first run of “Sesame Street” episodes air on HBO and then become available on PBS affiliates such as AETN nine months later. This year’s season, the program’s 51st, will have its first run on HBO Max. 

Rapert further opined: “I love a lot of the great programming we have on AETN and have been a defender and champion for them. However, if they choose to allow our state taxpayer funded platform to be politicized in this way, they are going to have to make a decision about who they really serve.”

Rapert is also promoting on Facebook an online petition expressing outrage over what it calls “Sesame Street’s decision to push drag queens on children,” and demanding that the show drop the episode featuring Porter.

One Facebook commenter asked Rapert, “Would Jesus approve of your judgment and intolerance?”

Ruffled Rapert took exception to the comment, replying, “you are totally amiss and you know it. Christians do not support anti-Biblical behavior. The Bible is clear on certain sins — including homosexuality. Romans Chapter 1 and the Book of Jude just to cite two examples are very clear about this issue. Jesus never endorsed homosexual behavior and opposed it as he referenced Sodom and Gomorrah. Speaking the truth is not hatred. If you oppose the Bible, you are not a sincere Christian.”

Rapert did a good job shutting down the Biblical argument on Facebook and made the solid point that actual Christians do not oppose what the Bible actually says, even in the department of homosexuality.

We say kudos to Rapert for bucking against the pervasive influence of the LGBT agenda and its child-aimed indoctrination. The majority of Americans do not support tax dollars going towards these kinds of blatant displays of immorality and confusion. We need more lawmakers like Rapert working for the American majority before we can expect to see any positive change towards the restoration of traditional values and morality in American society.

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