Coronavirus Mass Hysteria Leads To Surgical Masks Selling Out In UK. There’s Only One Problem.

(Tea Party 247) – Perhaps more infectious than the coronavirus is the panic and fear people experience over the thought of getting it. People are literally terrified of contracting viruses nowadays and rather than understand how to best allow our bodies to fight infections the way they are intended to, people run to the nearest preventative measure available.

While the world anxiously awaits the miracle coronavirus vaccine that will supposedly end the global emergency, people in the UK are buying up surgical masks to the point of them selling out. Oh, did we mention there has not yet been a single confirmed coronavirus case in the country yet?

Ah, the spread of mass hysteria at its finest.

Summit News reports:

Pharmacy retailer Boots says that its six-pack of “safe & sound” surgical face masks is sold out, as is another box of 50 masks.

The company said it was “working to make additional stock available for customers to purchase in store and on which we hope will land over the next week.”

One mask still available for sale on is retailing for a whopping £99.99, though most others on the website are completely out of stock.

Branches of B&Q, a hardware chain, are also reporting that they are selling out of dust masks, with shelves in one London store being empty.

Wynne Lloyd-Williams of Cymru Healthcare, a medical supply firm told the BBC, “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in demand.”

“This is unusual. They are not a significant product, but people now are thinking ‘should we purchase them?’” he added.

Virologists say the masks do not offer complete protection against airborne viruses although they do help with preventing hand to mouth infections.

N95 respirators, a stronger type of mask designed to filter out pollutants, offer more protection than ordinary surgical masks but also make breathing more difficult.

According to an earlier report by Summit News, if the coronavirus continues on its current trajectory and is not contained, by the end of February around 183 million people will become infected which could lead to about 3.6 million deaths. Those figures can most definitely be intimidating to people so the rush to hoard surgical masks is somewhat understandable but nonetheless, it illustrates just how out-of-touch most people are with the most basic understanding of our physiological functions.

What is perhaps scarier than the coronavirus infecting 183 million people is the thought of a vaccine infecting even more. There is no telling what kind of awful “side effects” a rushed vaccine will bring with it and people will be more than eager to get one given all the government sanctioned fear currently being propagated.

While surgical masks are selling out all over the United Kingdom, woke liberals here in America are whining about Trump’s lack of diversity on his coronavirus task force. Yes, really. CNN shared an article on their website entitled, “Coronavirus task force another example of Trump’s administration’s lack of diversity.” Americans want the virus to be contained, they just don’t want it to be done by all white men. Down with the patriarchy!

Better get your surgical masks today, before they sell out here too.

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