Democrat-Controlled VA State Senate Passes Shocking Laws To Further Advance LGBT Agenda

(Tea Party 247) – Now that the state of Virginia has become a liberal stronghold, Dem lawmakers are firing off progressive bill proposals aimed at furthering the LGBT agenda at rapid speed. Several pieces of legislation have passed through the Senate giving LGBT-identifying individuals special rights and privileges and forcing Virginians to play along with the harmful transgender ideology.

Virginia Democrats seem to be waging a full on war with reality itself.

One of the bills will allow transgender people to obtain a new birth certificate that reflects their gender identity rather than their biological sex at birth. They will be allowed to get a new birth certificate even if they have not undergone any surgery to alter their sex, not that surgery actually makes anyone the other gender, it does, however, at least exhibit a certain level of commitment to it. The law, however, will allow trans folks to decide in five or ten years that they no longer want to live as whatever gender they have been identifying as and just go get yet another new birth certificate.

This law will essentially make birth certificates moot documents in Virginia as they are meant to record the facts of birth, not the feelings of grown, misguided, confused adults who disagree with those facts.

“I just think it’s important to try to make life easier for people without being discriminated (against) or bullied,” said Sen. Jennifer Boysko, a Democrat from Fairfax, who introduced the legislation.

“Allowing an individual who is transgender to change their birth certificate without having to go through the full surgery allows them to live the life that they are due to have,” she added. Whatever “due to have” is supposed to mean. Transgender people are owed society’s compliance in their delusions? Apparently Boysko thinks so and state Dems agree.

“This bill is really important for the transgender community. Right now many transgendered people do not have identity documents… this is really problematic when people apply for jobs or try to open a bank account,” said Vee Lamneck of Equality Virginia. Of course, transgender people do in fact have identification, at least they do if they are US citizens, they just don’t like how annoyingly factual biologically accurate their birth certificates are.

Also, when is the last time anyone has needed to produce their birth certificate to open a bank account or get a job?

Virginia wasn’t done with their LGBT-focused legislation proposals. Another bill will require all Virginia public schools to develop policies regarding “transgender education.” The indoctrination of young children into the dangerous and immoral transgender lifestyle will literally be state law.

According to Big League Politics, “Other bills include a ban on conversion therapy for anyone under the age of 18, which will likely make it impossible for children with gender dysphoria to receive any treatment other than drugging and mutilation. Another bill contains language formally repealing gay marriage, which was already invalidated by the Supreme Court.”

While other states are working to protect vulnerable children from the perverse and harmful LGBT ideology and lifestyles, Virginia is quickly going the way of a full-blown liberal dystopia. Fortunately, the Dems push to infringe upon Virginians gun rights is giving way to massive resistance in the state and hopefully the Dems time in power will be short-lived.

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