Epic: Tennessee Wants To Brand These Mainstream Media Outlets As Fake News

(Tea Party 247) – This is amazing.

A State Representative in Tennessee is introducing legislation to officially designate notoriously fake outlets CNN and The Washington Post as fake news.

Republican Rep. Micah Van Huss filed the bill Wednesday. The summary describes it as “A RESOLUTION to recognize CNN and The Washington Post as fake news and condemn them for denigrating our citizens.”

Van Huss, a former Marine who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, explained on social media “I’ve filed HJR 779 on behalf of a constituency that’s tired of fake news and Republicans who don’t fight.”

The Washington Post and CNN have drawn a “line between Trump opponents and Trump supporters,” the legislation asserts, by describing supporters of the president as “cultists.”

The bill refers to a specific incident during which CNN “suggested that Trump supporters belong to a cult and that our president is using mind control.”

The segment aired last November and featured a “cult expert,” Steven Hassan, author of the book entitled The Cult of Trump.

Hassan and host Brian Stelter told the audience that the president is a “pathological liar”, and displays “the characteristics of destructive cult leader.”

They also suggested that “mind-controlled” Trump supporters were in need of being “deprogrammed” and broken out of their “bubbles.”

The Tennesee bill also states:

“WHEREAS, it is fascinating to see this latest ‘cult-of-Trump’ meme coming from the left, because they are the true masters of deploying mobs to demand total conformity and compliance with their agenda; and WHEREAS, any thoughtful observer can see the cult-of-Trump meme as a classic case of psychological projection; after all, accusing someone’s perceived opponent of exactly what one intends to do is a very old tactic; and WHEREAS, the mainstream media is in a panic because President Trump has opened the eyes of many average Americans who are tired of politics as usual.”

The basis of the bill is the assertion that all of this “oversimplifies the way people think and feel about their own beliefs and those on the other side of that line.”

The bill argues that for this reason, these outlets need to be recognized as “fake news and part of the media wing of the Democratic Party.”

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we condemn them for denigrating our citizens and implying that they are weak-minded followers instead of people exercising their rights that our veterans paid for with their blood,” the bill asserts.

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