European Citizens Being Poisoned By Their “Clean” Drinking Water – Is Anything Safe Anymore?

(Tea Party 247) – As if people in Europe don’t have enough to deal with between progressive lawmakers usurping society with radical LGBT agendas and the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of violent Middle-Easterners and Africans, now they have to be weary of their own drinking water.

According to NewsWars, around 6,500 cases of bladder cancer are reported in Europe each year and of these, five percent are found to be caused by prolonged exposure to trihalomethanes (THMs) in their drinking water. What’s even more scary is that this is all legal.

NewsWars continues:

For a study of countries’ water quality, the EU28 became the EU26, as adequate data for Bulgaria and Romania could not be obtained. Nevertheless, the project covered 75% of the total EU population, and a reading of its findings is ominous.

What the hell are THMs?

THMs are a class of molecule that appear as a by-product of the disinfectants used to clean drinking water. When chlorine, the main chemical used to clean drinking water, comes into contact with organic matter, it breaks down into THMs. And despite being legal up to certain levels, long-term exposure to them has been consistently associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer. The EU has set that legal limit at 100 lg=L, but anything over 50 lg=L causes a 51 percent increase in the probability of bladder cancer, in men at least. This study was undertaken at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, in a city which has THM levels above the present regulatory maximum limit of 100 lg=L. Astonishingly, there is no provision for the lowering of this maximum in the latest European Council directive.

How common is bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer is only the tenth most common form of cancer in the UK; 135,000 people in the EU were diagnosed with it in 2016. It is usually quite treatable with a simple surgical procedure as long as it is caught before spreading to other body parts. Some evidence suggests it affects men more than women (although this could be down to lifestyle differences, such as higher rates of smoking).

With statistics like these you’d think those who control the public water system would be eager to make necessary changes and reduce the amount of THMs found in the drinking water. But, you’d be wrong.

The authors point out that if the thirteen worst-offending countries could reduce their THM levels to the current EU average, then 2,868 cases of drinking-water-induced bladder cancer per year could potentially be avoided (a 44 percent reduction). For now, this seems unlikely. Until the precise biological pathways between THMs and bladder cancer are revealed, the European Council Drinking Water Directive will not feel under pressure to rethink. The EU could, at the very least, lower its limits, though.

It’s just more proof that the government does not actually care about the people. They go through all the trouble of “cleaning” the drinking water to make it apparently safe to consume all the while simultaneously poisoning it. The same thing goes on right here in America where our tap water contains toxins like fluoride and arsenic.

It truly does seem as though the world is out to get us everywhere we turn in the supposed “enlightened” 21st century. Ah, the joys of progress.

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