Facebook Is Now So Determined To Ban Free Thought, They’re Censoring Private Messages

(Tea Party 247) – We knew that Facebook was desperate to keep anything remotely Christian, right-wing, or generally dangerous to the leftist status quo far, far away from their massive social network, but even this shocks us.

The censor-happy Thought Police over at Facebook are now censoring private messages in a move that completely destroys any final claims they may have to neutrality or the protection of free speech.

This is insane.

In a screenshot posted to The Donald Reddit forum entitled, “THE DYSTOPIA IS NOW. Facebook censored a PRIVATE MESSAGE I sent because it has a link to Jordan Peterson’s Bible Lecture Series” this insane new standard is exposed.

The user in question had attempted to send a link to a video of Jordan Peterson, the renowned and controversial author and psychologist, to his friend via Facebook’s Messenger.

Where the link should have appeared in the PM, instead appeared the Orwellian warning, “This message was removed because it includes a link that goes against our Community Standards.”

Big Tech “community standards,” of course, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Facebook-owned Instagram, or Google-owned YouTube, are incredibly vague and malleable and have much more to do with protecting the feelings of leftists than anything else.

“Facebook appears to have a clear bias against biblical discussion,” Paul Joseph Watson writes for Summit News.

As we previously highlighted, the company banned a peace-loving quote by St. Augustine of Hippo, a Catholic theologian and philosopher, saying it was “hate speech”.

In addition to blocking links that contain thought crimes, when Facebook suspends a user, it also prevents them entirely from using its messenger function.

For many people, Facebook messenger is their only means of communication with friends and loved ones, meaning that if an emergency were to occur and the user was suspended, it could actually result in real world harm.

Given that the social media giant openly incited violence against people it deemed “dangerous individuals” (including yours truly), it’s unsurprising that they would put people deemed to be thought criminals at risk.

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