Finally: The Phillippines Is Taking Coronavirus Very, Very Seriously

(Tea Party 247) – The Phillippines is NOT playing around when it comes to the coronavirus and is now deporting 500 Chinese citizens who arrived in their country from Wuhan, China, where the outbreak originated.

The Chinese tourists were heading to Boracay for a vacation but are being forced to turn around and head straight back.

“Philippine authorities are sending back nearly 500 Chinese tourists who came from Wuhan,” CNA reports.

Four flights have been arranged to take the tourists back to Wuhan.

None of them currently show any signs of the virus.

What’s chilling to think of how many people they could have had contact with if any of them were infected with the deadly virus, which has an incubation period of two weeks.

The coronavirus as of Tuesday had infected 4,593 worldwide with at least 130 reported deaths, although it is widely believed in the West that the actual numbers are much higher.

The New York Times reports:

  • China said on Wednesday that 132 people had died from the virus, which is believed to have originated in the central city of Wuhan and is spreading across the country. The previous count, on Tuesday, was 106.
  • Thailand has reported 14 cases of infection; Hong Kong has 10; the United States, Taiwan, Australia and Macau have five each; Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia each have reported four; Japan has seven; France has four; Canada has three; Vietnam has two; and Nepal, Cambodia, Germany and the United Arab Emirates each have one.
  • Cases recorded in Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam and Japan involved patients who had not been to China. There have been no reported deaths outside China.

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