He’s Back! James Woods Freed From “Twitter Jail,” Wastes No Time Taking Political Shots

(Tea Party 247) – James Woods has made himself a conservative legend on Twitter, which is what led to his being put in “Twitter jail” for almost a year. Now, Woods is back and he isn’t wasting any time picking right back up exactly where he left off.

He took his first shot at the most infamous member of the House, dim-wit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I mean, who could pass on an opportunity to highlight her sheer stupidity? AOC found herself making headlines again for her inability to string together a cohesive, sensible thought and Woods took this opportunity to let her know just how stupid she really is.

During a House committee hearing earlier this week, AOC made some strange, nonsensical comments about poor people not being able to pick themselves up by their bootstraps because it’s “physically impossible.”

“I also want to thank you about bringing up the poverty draft and this idea of a bootstrap.”

“You know, this idea and this metaphor of a bootstrap started off as a joke because it’s a physical impossibility to lift yourself up by a bootstrap — by your shoelaces? It’s physically impossible. The whole thing is a joke.”

Twitter users actually find AOC to be the biggest joke of all and Woods added to the internet musings by tweeting: “I’ve tried so hard this past year to live without the wealth of knowledge available on Twitter, but this kind of blazing insight can be found nowhere else, so… I’m back! #AOCStillAMoron.”

He humorously added: “I was on vacation awhile, avoiding the news. How’d the #Mueller thing work out? The #impeachment scam? Who won the #Iowa caucuses? Is #MichaelAvenatti still a contender for the Democratic nomination for President? How’s #JeffreyEpstein doing?”

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Woods: “Welcome back. Avenatti won Iowa.”

Woods responded: “Thank you, Senator. Did they arrest him yet again during his acceptance speech?”

Woods continued, saying: “And hopefully you will eventually be victorious in your quest to bring the #RapistClinton to justice. We will stand by you until he is behind bars (hopefully monitored by the same guards who watched over Jeffrey Epstein).”

Then he took a more serious tone, thanking his supporters and followers for their faithfulness, “I simply can’t express how honored I am by the kindness and warmth I have received by so many of my Twitter friends tonight. You are genuinely such fine people. Thank you. I am in tears.”

Then getting back to politics, Woods took direct aim at RHINO Mitt Romney and his turning his back on the GOP during Senate voting on impeachment, noting: “This is the guy who passes a silent stinker in the elevator and then proceeds to lecture everybody about intestinal management. You’ll never come back from this one, Mittens. Even your magic pants won’t save you. #MittTheRat”

Woods has been an outspoken conservative voice and was thus banned from Twitter back in April 2019. The fact that Woods, who has never made any violent threats or used the platform to encourage racism or violence, was banned from Twitter for almost a year shows just how far-left Twitter really is.

If anybody is trying to interfere in a presidential election, it would be Twitter.

We’re sure glad James Woods has been freed from “Twitter jail” and is able to resume being a voice of reason on the platform.

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