Hong Kong Unrolls Creepy Plan To Keep Track Of Suspected Coronavirus Carriers

(Tea Party 247) – Hong Kong health authorities have announced a typically Orwellian measure to keep track of suspected coronavirus carriers that can only have been thought up by Beijing.

They have procured 500 electric trackers to place on individuals who have been suspected of being infected with the deadly virus which is sweeping the globe.

Breitbart reports:

The Hong Kong government is ordering anyone residing in Hong Kong present in the city or returning to it after visiting Hubei province – whose capital, Wuhan, is the location where the virus is believed to have first jumped from animals to humans – in the last two weeks into quarantine at home. To ensure that no one violates the 14-day isolation period and puts others in the population at risk, officials will use wristbands to monitor their location.

The trackers will be tied to the wearer’s smartphone via Bluetooth technology. The phone’s GPS technology will provide the person’s location – if the phone leaves the permitted area, or if the wristband reaches more than a 20-meter distance away from the phone, the government will consider the wearer in breach of the quarantine. Destroying the wristband or taking it off will also count as breaches.

Hong Kong’s Chief Information Officer Victor Lam debuted the wristbands in a press conference Monday, where he warned that violations found with the wristband could result in up to a six-month prison term or fined the equivalent of U.S. $644. He emphasized that the tags themselves do not have GPS technology, so the government will not monitor the wearer’s every move, providing a minimum of privacy. He also noted that the government will soon count on another 1,000 wristbands to use similarly.

Coronavirus has killed hundreds in China–although some allege that the communist government is covering up thousands, even tens of thousands of deaths.

On January 20th, nearly a month after they secretly alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) that the novel virus was spreading through the city of Wuhan, which has a population of 11 million.

Beijing shut down a wild meat market where the virus is believed to have been originated on January 1st and instituted a lockdown in Wuhan, stopping entry and exit to the city and shutting down mass transit a week after announcing the presence of the virus.

As of Monday, Hong Kong had identified 15 cases of novel coronavirus according to the Asian news outlet, Coconuts, Breitbart reports.

The city has identified potentially hundreds of cases, increasingly running out of spaces to isolate them and prevent the outbreak from growing, hence the introduction of at-home measures.

Isolation is especially important in light of authorities warning on Sunday that they may have identified a case of coronavirus passed from human to human within Hong Kong – rather than the case of a person returning from Wuhan already carrying it.

“Hong Kong can become another Wuhan,” Yuen Kwok-yung, a University of Hong Kong microbiologist, said on Sunday, according to local broadcaster RTHK. Yuen suggested increased border controls to keep carriers out of the city, noting that Guangdong, the Chinese province that borders Hong Kong, is one of the most affected by the outbreak.

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