If It Seems To You Like The Iowa Caucus Debacle Has The Deep State Written All Over It…You’re Right

(Tea Party 247) – Well, well, well.

Right out of the gate, and the Democrat Deep State establishment is screwing with the party primary for 2020’s presidential election.

Did anyone call this?

HuffPost reports on the firm that “botched” Monday’s Iowa caucuses:

The tech arm of ACRONYM, a Democratic digital nonprofit group that has rapidly expanded in recent years, was responsible for building the Iowa caucus app that contributed to delays in reporting Monday night’s results in the first vote in the party’s presidential race. Multiple Democratic sources, including one of the presidential campaigns, confirmed the app’s creator.

State campaign finance records indicate the Iowa Democratic Party paid Shadow, a tech company owned by ACRONYM, more than $60,000 for “website development” over two installments in November and December of last year. A Democratic source with knowledge of the process said those payments were for the app that caucus site leaders were supposed to use to upload the results at their locales.

ACRONYM founder Tara McGowan and a spokesman for the group did not immediately respond to phone calls requesting comment.

Infowars notes that McGowan just so happens to be a big Buttigieg supporter…and is also married to one of his advisers.

Here are the payments that Buttigieg’s campaign forked over to Shadow:

Lee Fang from The Intercept was one of the first to break the news on the “Dem dark money/superPAC hybrid”:

The final poll before the caucus from the Des Moines Register showed Bernie Sanders was favored to win, but this was allegedly scrapped, because, according to FiveThirtyEight, “the Buttigieg campaign got word that at least one survey respondent had been read an incomplete questionnaire that did not include Buttigieg’s name.”

Hilariously, with the results of the key initial vote delayed, all the Democrats just went ahead and claimed victory for themselves.

Buttigieg was quite confident he was the winner:

Featured image credit: Laurie Shaull – flickr.com/photos/number7cloud/48199493076

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