Illegal Immigration Plagues Europe – UK Border Patrol Break Single Day Record For This…

(Tea Party 247) – Thanks to liberal immigration policies all around Europe, migrants from Africa and the Middle East believe it’s their right to travel freely wherever they so please. While they are aware there are still some laws in place, they know the benefits greatly outweigh the risks if they can just make it where they’re going and disappear into the shadows.

Europe’s mass migration problem hasn’t just been from legally moved “refugees” but also from scores of illegal immigrants seeking to mooch off the liberal generosity of whichever country they choose to infiltrate.

A record-breaking band of illegal immigrants were caught recently trying to illegally cross the English Channel. Ninety migrants were intercepted in a single day, making that a new record high for UK border forces.

The Daily Mirror reports that several dinghies carrying mostly male migrants from Africa and the Middle East were intercepted by the UK Border Force just off the coast of Dover in the early hours of Thursday morning.

More from the Voice of Europe:

Of the 90 migrants who were intercepted, fifteen of them “claimed to be minors”, the Home Office said while also confirming that some of the intercepted migrants were nationals of Mali, Yemen, and Syria. The migrants will be “dealt with according to immigration rules”, the Home Office added.

Tony Eastaugh, the director for crime and enforcement at the Home Office, told the media that the British government was “talking illegal migrant crossings on all fronts with every agency”.

Since last summer, when attempts to cross the Channel by illegal migrants surged, patrols of French beaches have increased considerably, with authorities now using drones as well as specialist vehicles and detection equipment, Eastaugh said.

In 2019, close to 1,892 migrants arrived in Britain after illegally crossing the Channel in dinghies, more than double the amount that arrived the previous year.

In January, authorities in France reported that 371 migrants attempted to illegally cross, with 95 of them succeeding.

In response to the events of Thursday morning, Dover MP Natalie Elphicke said, “It is essential that we put a stop to this appalling trafficking trade and protect vulnerable people from making these dangerous crossings.”

It will be impossible to stop these illegal border crossing attempts as long as liberals are in control of European countries. Illegal immigrants are not intimidated by the consequences of being apprehended by border patrol. Notice how Westerners are not trying to sneak into Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt? Wonder why that is.

Europe will continue to be flooded with immigrants, both illegal and legal, as long as the left is in control. It’s really a vicious cycle. Legal “refugees” manage to get themselves relocated to a European city and they send word back to their family and friends who then believe they have the right to also be there. Not only that but dangerous crime syndicates from Africa and the Middle East have set up massive organizations in major European cities, causing illegal immigrants to traffic drugs and humans as part of their involvement with the crime organizations.

Europe has a major illegal immigration problem and until citizens want to admit it and vote out leftists, it will continue.

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