LOL: “Sanders For President” Reddit Community Bans CNN Over Lack Of Integrity

(Tea Party 247) – Oh boy! CNN has really done it now. The failing network has been combatting accusations of “fake news” for years as they have targeted and vilified President Trump, turning off huge segments of American viewers. Now it seems they’ve run out of conservatives to alienate so they’ve moved on to those on their own side of the aisle: leftists.

The CNN moderators at the latest Democrat presidential primary debate appear to have pushed Bernie Sanders fans too far and now CNN has been officially banned from a “Sanders for President” subreddit.

Breitbart reports:

“SandersForPresident will be removing all content from CNN for the foreseeable future,” reads the subreddit announcement. “They have abandoned their journalistic integrity.”

The statement continued:

CNN has spent the previous four days using all of its media power to try to prevent Senator Sanders from becoming President. All of their top-line stories have been unsubstantiated “hit job” style articles against the senator. This situation came to head last night when CNN hosted a Democratic primary debate. CNN’s debate has been criticized across the entire ideological spectrum of media today because their moderators spent the entire debate asking slanted questions obviously designed to weaken Americans’ confidence in Senator Sanders, the current frontrunner in the first three primary states.

“CNN has forfeited any journalistic integrity it may have once held in the Democratic primary,” affirmed /r/SandersForPresident in its statement. “Its primary goal has become to protect its own profits, which are threatened by a Sanders presidency.”

“It is for these reasons that r/SandersForPresident is indefinitely suspending the hosting of all content produced by CNN,” the statement concluded.

If only lefties would have been paying attention for the past four years they would already know CNN has long abandoned “any journalistic integrity it may have once had.” No one had anything to say when it was only President Trump at the receiving end of their hit-piece, propaganda “journalism.” Now, Sanders fans are outraged. What a joke.

This point was not lost on members of the pro-Trump subreddit “/r/The_Donald,” as one member noted, “Bernie’s subreddit bans content from CNN – ‘CNN has forfeited any journalistic integrity’ – No kidding, we’ve been saying it for years!”

“LOL the Bernie Bruhs think CNN is trash now,” another member posted.

In reaction to what Sanders fans perceived to be slanted questions by the moderators at the most recent debate, Sanders fans started the hashtag #CNNisTrash which quickly began trending on Twitter.

This whole situation should be extremely entertaining for any Trump supporter. It’s about time someone else felt the rabid aggression of CNN and their blatant biases. What adds to the amusement is the downright indignity of Sanders supporters as if CNN has just now lost their integrity because they slighted Sanders. No one in the Sanders camp seemed too concerned about their lack of integrity over the past 5 years.

CNN has been failing in the ratings department for quite some time. Perhaps this will be the hit that will make them reevaluate their biased-driven propaganda and perhaps find their integrity again…though it does seem highly unlikely.

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