Police Investigating Murder Of Pro-Mass Migration Finnish Woman. Guess Who Killed Her?

(Tea Party 247) – This is a case of not just painful, but deadly irony.

Police in Finland are investigating the murder of a woman who was killed by her boyfriend.

Sanni Ovaska, who had made a series of pro-mass-migrant posts on social media, was killed last week by her boyfriend, Hasan Alqina, who then killed himself.

Alqina, if you have not already guessed it, was a migrant.

What do you know.

Summit News reports:

Alqina was in the country as a Palestinian asylum seeker and had earlier been denied a residency permit.

Authorities were alerted after a neighbor saw evidence of a crime at the apartment in Hämeenlinna. A photo was later posted to Twitter showing blood seeping under the door of the apartment.

“Ovaska had reportedly made anti-white posts on her social media accounts as well as championing a variety of progressive causes,” reports National File.

The source for this claim was Finnish commentator Tiina Wiik, who tweeted, “Young woman has an arab asylum seeker boyfriend and writes social media posts about how shitty white men are. Any guesses on how this turned out?”

Wiik claimed that the woman was murdered because she was trying to leave Alqina.

“Not the first such case in Finland,” he explained. “One Afghan raped and burned his girlfriend, one Iraqi decapitated a middle-age woman who was trying to leave him.”

The investigation is still in its early stages, police said, and the motive is as of yet unknown.

Some have claimed that the young woman was decapitated, but this has not been confirmed.

Summit News continues:

This is by no means the only case of women being attacked or killed by migrants with whom they have cultivated a romantic relationship.

Last year in Normandy, France, a left-wing student immigration activist was stabbed to death by her migrant ex-partner who had been staying at her home.

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