Saudi Editor: Terror Campaign Won’t End Upon Death Of Soleimani

(Tea Party 247) – While Democrats are still mourning the death of one of the world’s most dangerous and successful terrorist leaders, the people of Iran have been trying to tell the American people that they support Trump’s move to take out the infamous General Soleimani and many have even expressed love and gratitude towards Trump for it.

Sniveling Dems insist Trump is trying to start a war, despite his many assertions that, in fact, he is not. Leftist were panicking at the thought of Iranian retaliation yet, here we are, and the worst of it seems to have been a half-hearted attack on a US military base in Iraq. That’s because terrorists only respond to strength and President Trump has no shortage of that.

Unfortunately, terrorism is a global epidemic and one that cannot be eradicated by simply killing one man at the top. As one editor of a prominent Saudi Arabian publication points out, Iran’s terror campaign is not likely to cease after the death of General Soleimani.

WND reports:

Soleimani was the Quds Force terror leader who was killed in a strategic missile strike authorized by President Trump in Iraq earlier this month.

Soleimani was blamed for the deaths of more than 600 American troops.

But the chief editor of the Al-Jazirah daily, Khalid Al-Malik, said that if America wants to curb Iranian terrorism it must do more, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

He said killing Soleimani “was a blatant act of heroism, and a point in favor of U.S. President Trump.”

“But it is not sufficient to redress the mistakes that the U.S. made in Iraq,” said Al-Malik. “There are more Qassem Soleimanis in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, and if they are not taken care of in way that ensures the security and stability of these countries and of the other countries of the region and the world, Iran’s behavior will not change.”

He said the killing of Soleimani “will not end the threat posed by Iran to the countries of the world, for Iran’s terror network is wide and is not based on any one terrorist, nor are its agents confined to a single country.”

Al-Malik said that just as “the liberation of Iraq from the Saddam Hussein regime was achieved by the U.S. forces – which is a point in their favor – the U.S. was also the one who handed Iraq to Iran, and this is a point against it.”

He argued the U.S. drafted an Iraqi constitution that places the decision-making and the formulation of Iraqi policy exclusively in the hands of Shiite parties controlled by Iran.

“Now the U.S. and its Western allies are paying the price for the fatal mistakes they made, which were to the detriment of Iraq and its people,” he said.

Al-Malki said Iraq “has not tasted freedom, security or peace since the elimination of the Saddam Hussein regime and until this very day.”

Even though liberals do not want Trump to go to war, and Trump does not want to go to war, and the American people do not want to go to war, it seems the people of Iran are begging for relief from the oppression of one terror regime after another.

The problem is not a lack of or abundance of American intervention. The problem is Islam and its pervasive effect on the hearts and minds of the people of the Middle East. It breeds hate and division and results in violence and terrorism. Until more and more Middle Easterners can shake free from the grasp of Islam, terror will inevitably continue no matter what America, or any other country, does to try to stop it.

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