See What This Former Witch Has To Say About New Disney Show “The Owl House”

(Tea Party 247) – In today’s “anything goes” day in age, a lot of parents are becoming extremely complacent and lazy when it comes to what their children are being exposed to. With events like Drag Queen Story Hours and graphic sexual education programs being aimed at small children, a lot of parents think they’re doing well to just keep them away from that stuff.

Unfortunately, parents need to remain vigilant in their own homes when it comes to what television shows their children are watching, where content can be just as dangerous and harmful.

A new Disney show has one former witch speaking out, warning parents that while the show might be cute the realm of the occult is very real and very dangerous for young children to be exposed to. The recently premiered show is called “The Owl House” and it portrays witchcraft as a “positive too to fight evil,” according to CBN News.

While many parents argue that it’s harmless since it’s just make believe, Jenny Weaver (pictured above), former witch and lesbian, is telling a different story and parents would do well to heed her warning. Weaver told CBN’s “The Prayer Link” that parents need to be very careful about what their children are watching.

“I actually watched a movie that was very popular when I was in high school and it was called The Craft,” Weaver said. “And the movie was about four high school witches that had all of this power, that had all of this control.”

“I remember hearing these voices, ‘Just kill yourself. Just go away. It would be better off if you would just die.’  And so, I started to cut my wrists severely. I remember having 56 cuts all up and down my arms. My arms were shredded. And it was a way in my mind that I was able to escape,” explained Weaver, who grew up in a dysfunctional home and battled with depression.

It was the cutting that gave way to the demonic realm and Weaver eventually became a practicing witch, all because of the influence of one movie when she was in high school.
“It was a demonic hold on my life that caused me to open doors to witchcraft and practicing spells and incantations and studying the religion of Wiccan,” she said.

She added, “It’s why I tell parents when I minister, it’s not a joke when we say be careful what your children are watching.” 

“I was able to research, and study, and go to little shops, which you would be really surprised that you go into a shop and it’s actually a witchcraft shop under the disguise of just tapping into energy and ‘new age’ things.”

“I’m telling you it was one of darkest times of my life. That realm is very real, just like the Kingdom of God and the Holy Ghost is real, so is that realm. And when you get in that realm and you open that door because the enemy wants to take you out.” 

Weaver, who eventually became a lesbian and drug addict, said it took years for her to break free from the chains of these destructive addictions.

“I was smoking methamphetamines in dope houses, sleeping in people’s sheds, being tore up by bugs all day long. And so, I remember just crying out to God. I cried out to the top of my lungs, I said ‘God Help Me!’”

God answered her cries for help and as Weaver says, “God rescued me.”

Perhaps all of her time struggling in the darkness and wrestling with evil could have been avoided had she had a parent who was more concerned with what she was watching and what was influencing her. Children do have minds of their own and the shows they are exposed to most certainly contribute to their worldview. It’s imperative to guard their impressionable hearts and minds.  

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