So, “Stargazing Permits” Are Now A Thing In This State (Can You Guess Which?)

(Tea Party 247) – Sigh.

This is your country on Democrats.

New York State is now requiring stargazing permits, something that boggles the mind to such a great degree, it’s even hard to know where to start.

The government in New York State has gotten so inflated that they’re literally requiring that people apply for permits to look at the sky.

The Gateway Pundit found the details on the state’s permitting for “Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation” schedule:



Fee of $35.00, $60 – Out of State – Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License Required

  • Permit allows after sunset parking for stargazing only, valid January 1 -December 31 at:
  • Hither Hills – Except July & August
  • Jones Beach – West End 2 and Field 6
  • Montauk Point – Upper Parking Lot
  • Robert Moses – Field 2
  • Gov. Alfred E. Smith/Sunken Meadow – Field 1 & Field 3
  • Wildwood – Main Parking Lot

Sold at: Babylon Headquarters-Permit Office (beginning January 2nd), Jones Beach, Montauk Downs, Robert Moses, Governor Alfred E. Smith/Sunken Meadow and Wildwood.

Stargazing Permits are only sold January 1 – March 31 and the Tuesday after Labor Day – December 31.

Don’t forget to pick up your “regional diving permit” if you’d ever like to…dive in the water, which will set you back $80 for in-state residents and $125 for out-of-state.

It’s $40 if you want to use a metal detector.

This is so outrageous, even Neil deGrasse Tyson chimed in:

Others are defending the permit in the thread, claiming that it allows people to enter the “closed parks” after hours. But they are clearly missing the point. If you can enter the park with a permit, then it’s not “closed” at all. It’s opened to anyone willing to be extorted or who can afford it. Those who are unable to pay the government or choose not to do so for the exact same activity will be arrested and or further extorted.

Now for the irony and blatant statist hypocrisy. If you want to go after dark to look at stars on state land that you paid for through your tax dollars, you have to pay the government more money for a permit. However, if the government wants to take the most sacred land in the state and put a telescope on it to look at the stars, this is fine and dandy. If you try to protest the government’s construction of star gazing equipment on your sacred land, you can and will be kidnapped and caged.

Case in point: Mauna Kea’s summit is the most sacred of all the mountains in Hawaii to many of the indigenous people. In July, when those people showed up to protest the desecration of their land with the Thirty-Meter Telescope, dozens were arrested.

You can imagine how libertarians and ancaps are responding:

TGP concludes, “So what happens when an illegal alien wants to look up at the sky, and can’t get the permit because he doesn’t have proper ID? ACLU would no doubt sue the state for millions, and the taxpayers would be on the hook for it.”

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