Trans MMA Fighter Who Was Born Male Gets Most Ironic Award Ever

(Tea Party 247) – Trans MMA Fighter Who Was Born Male Gets Most Ironic Award Ever

Recently, in the left’s constant attack on the underpinnings of our free society, it was proclaimed that Fallen Fox (I have no idea if that’s a real name) is “the bravest athlete in history”, apparently not confident enough to say bravest athlete of all time because it is possible that prior to man recording events for posterity there could have been an athlete with greater courage than Fox, but a bold claim none the less.

What was it in Fox’s long and accomplished life caused some fool on the left to declare Fox “the bravest athlete in history”? Fox, a man who publicly claims to believe he’s a woman, beat a couple of women in MMA matches so badly they had to be hospitalized for skull fractures and potentially ended their careers.

Now it’s possible those responsible for this historic claim lack all knowledge of history and sports, that they never heard of Jackie Robinson, Louis Zamperini, Eric Liddel, or the first Jamaican bobsled team, and that they truly believe that beating a woman till she is taken away on a stretcher is brave, but there is another possibility.

It’s quite possible that those responsible for crowning Fox “bravest in history” aren’t morons at all, and that they made this ludicrous claim knowing full well it isn’t brave for men to get paid, and then praised to beat women near death.  It’s also possible that those responsible aren’t attacking sports itself, any more than Colin Kapernick, but are instead using sports as a medium to get Americans to consume their otherwise unpalatable poison.

This story is so ridiculous on its face (like declaring a man “woman of the year) that it’s easy to dismiss it and fail to recognize what the left is doing with a story like this.

First, why is Fox brave?  For fighting women?  Of course not, then all MMA fighters would be equally brave.  No, Fox is brave not for facing opponents with less rugged skeletal structures, but for facing the hatred that you and I have for Fox.

That’s right, you might not have known that you were evil, but you are.  See, the minute you thought to yourself “that’s a man…”, you didn’t need to even complete the thought, you hated Fox right then and there, and Fox felt it, and yet despite our hate he still fought a woman with a delicate build and managed to nearly kill her.

Let me just go out on a limb here and guess that Fox doesn’t stand for the anthem or believe in American exceptionalism. Fox probably hates the evils of capitalism and sexism, not to mention all the violence in our society while cashing the checks he got for beating women.  Who would be shocked if Fox tweeted out some garbage about abortion saving lives?  And all the while hiding behind the shield of being declared a protected victim of hate.

Fox, by declaring himself a woman, not only gets an undeniable edge in the cage, but is now free to use whatever sports celebrity he has to preach leftism to you and you can’t even put up as much of a fight as the women he beats, because if you do you’re a bigot.

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