Unidentified Refugee Who Claimed To Be Fleeing LGBT Persecution Deported When The Truth Comes Forward

(Tea Party 247) – The same leftists and expert strategists who are quick to critique President Trump’s border wall or his complaints about NATO allies not paying their fair share are the ones who will claim that “asylum” policies that don’t involve vetting are not the same as open borders and that only white nationalists think that a civilization jihad is being waged against Europe.

These leftists would have us believe, simultaneously, that every single person who comes to the border of our nation, or any western nation, seeking asylum and claiming persecution should be let in without question because they simply couldn’t be lying, and also that the nations they are fleeing in mass are not dangerous enough for us to impose travel restrictions against or build barriers between.

All too often the examples of how these open border asylum policies go wrong involve tragedy, but thankfully there are some cases that perfectly showcase left’s lack of concern for such things as national security, and their obsession with fake hate crimes.

One of these latest examples comes from Ireland where the Irish Sun has reported that a man allowed into the country because of his claim of being in danger as a result of homophobic persecution has fathered multiple children with an Irish woman.

The authorities are now admitting that they don’t know the man’s name, his country of origin, his age, and yes, they are now even doubting his professed homosexuality.

I can understand how it might have been hard to verify the latter, but apparently nobody decided to check on his name, his age, or the country of his origin. I wonder if the same effort, or lack thereof, would have been made if the asylum seeker said they were fleeing Christian persecution?

What has been confirmed is that the man has since had two children with an Irish woman, and now prosecutors are pushing for his immediate deportation, as the Irish Sun explains.

“We’re really still in the dark as to who this person is,” said the Justice Minister’s junior counsel, Sarah Cooney, calling the man’s asylum tale a “complete fabrication.”

Cooney says the man provided “misleading and totally untruthful information” to Irish authorities.

Investigators now believe the man may be from Nigeria, but have no idea about his true identity.

“It’s of great importance that the immigration system isn’t made a mockery of. A false claim for asylum makes a complete mockery of the system,” said Robert Barron, the Justice Minister’s lead asylum attorney.

“There’s no claim of harm to this man if he’s deported. There’s no claim that the children will have to go with him,” Barron continued. “There is no need for this man to remain in this country.”

Barron didn’t say whether the man, whoever he is, would still be facing deportation to wherever he’s from if he was gay. Nor did Barron go on to elaborate on how future claims of homosexuality will be authenticated to prevent the immigration system from being a mockery.

Currently, the man is in prison fighting deportation, which doesn’t seem that hard since they don’t know where to send him. He is claiming that he needs to stay in Ireland for his children’s sake.

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