Virtue-Signaling: Vermont Middle School Student Activists Raise This Flag In Statement To The Country

(Tea Party 247) – The public education system in America has become a liberal stronghold over the past several years. The education system has always been an epicenter for liberal intellectuals looking to make the world a better place through virtue signaling and misinforming students but in recent years, the push to blatantly indoctrinate students to become activists for all leftist causes has really taken hold.

In Burlington, Vermont, students at Edmunds Middle School worked for years to accomplish the raising of the Black Lives Matter flag outside of their school this past week. The students claim they wanted to raise the flag as a statement against the “systemic racial injustice that plagues American public schools.” Sounds like someone has been watching too much CNN.

WCAX reports:

The Burlington School Board approved the decision in November but its something some students have been working on for years. Edmunds stopped classes for both Middle and Elementary School to hold the afternoon flag raising ceremony.

The students behind the movement say racism exists in schools, including discrimination among peers and teachers.

“It’s acknowledging our black and brown students at our school but its also trying to get the new generation to believe in something that we believe that everybody should believe in,” said Anyier Manyok, an 8th grader.

“We’ve had so many issues with just not being educated about the things that the black community goes through everyday and the struggles people of color have had,” said Greta Ketterling, an 8th grader.

Students of color make up 28 percent of the Edmunds Middle School community.

According to VTDigger, the effort was spearheaded by the student-run Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) Collective at Edmunds. The group collected data, wrote a proposal to fly the flag, and presented it to the school board for their approval.

Greta Ketterling, one of YPAR’s 11 members, all of whom are in eighth grade, said the group wanted to follow in the footsteps of Burlington High School, which raised the Black Lives Matter flag last year.

Through their research, which was done with a partnership with researchers at the University of Vermont, they discovered via a survey of sixth-graders that 36 percent of the students believed there was racial discrimination at the school and a third of white and black students believe teachers discriminate based on race.

Student Anyier Manyok told VTDigger, “the results came back and there was some pretty upsetting numbers about how students felt that both other students and teachers were partaking in racial discrimination.” Notice how the survey was conducted to find out how the students perceived others to be behaving rather than asking students or teachers themselves if they are, in fact, racist?

This is the liberal approach to racism. Judging based on what they perceive, ignoring facts. This is further evident by the fact that one of the examples of racism cited was “unconscious bias.” That is a completely unfair way to judge whether or not someone is an actual racist, not to mention the fact that we’re talking about 6th graders here. These kids are fresh out of elementary school but we’re supposed to believe they are such keen observers to notice all the unintentional racism going on around them.

“It takes selfless courage to advocate for an inclusive space that will primarily be to the benefit of our future students,” one of the student activists wrote while attending a school that includes “black and brown” students. Sure doesn’t sound very inclusive!

This is a perfect example of liberals planting seeds and young, impressionable students allowing them to flourish, complete with all the leftie buzz words.

At least everyone at Edmunds Middle School can feel good about themselves at the end of the day.

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