West Point Forces Radical, Intersectional Leftism On Cadets…You Won’t Believe What They’re Pushing

(Tea Party 247) – Political correctness is a cancer that infected our nation.

It started out with tongue-clicking and scolding but has evolved over the last few decades into full-blown Marxism.

Across the country, in every facet of society, the insanity of transgenderism, homosexuality, and radical feminism seeks to sanitize our country from any remaining trace of the Western, Judeo-Christian values that made our country great.

And this is how they’ll take our great nation down.

Or at least try.

And what better place to start than one of the hallowed institutions of our great military tradition?

West Point, our nation’s greatest military academy, is now forcing cadets to learn about things like “gender norms” and “toxic masculinity.”

The cadets, The Gateway Pundit reports, are being forced to watch documentaries on things like transgenderism and homosexiality.

These are part of what’s called the “Honorable Living Day” that was hosted by West Point Superintendent Lt. Gen. Darryl A. Williams.

Classes at the academy were cancelled so that cadets, faculty, and staff could join together for a day of talking about feelings, cross-dressing, and gender-confusion, apparently.

This is the third Honorable Living Day the academy has hosted, apparently.

The Military Times reported:

All classes were cancelled at the U.S. Military Academy Jan. 14 and work was set aside as the cadets, staff and faculty came together to talk about how to live honorably, build cohesive teams and combat issues related to sexual assault and harassment at the academy.

This marked the third Honorable Living Day hosted by the academy during the tenure of West Point Superintendent Lt. Gen. Darryl A. Williams.

The first was held last February and brought the West Point community together to discuss the results of the biennial Service Academy Gender Relations survey and begin formulating responses to eliminate sexual assault and harassment at the academy. USMA stood-down again last semester to build upon that discussion and call cadets, staff and faculty to action to combat issues at the academy and improve the culture in order to combat sexual assault.

Tuesday, the entire academy once again held a stand down day. This time the goal was to expand the discussion beyond sexual assault and talk about how all aspects of the community can come together and promote an atmosphere of honorable living to include diversity, inclusion and acceptance of people from differing backgrounds, races and genders.

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