What Do The FBI, DOJ, And NSA All Have In Common? Starts With A “C” And Ends With “orruption…”

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve been paying attention over the last four years, it has become painfully obvious that the entire Department of Justice is totally corrupt. While there are many who deny the existence of a “deep state” or claim that the “deep state” is just a conspiracy theory, the truth is, the Deep State is very real and they are not working towards the benefit and well-being of the American people.

This is why they are all aimed at bringing down Donald Trump at all costs. The Deep State’s goal is to control the people and politics in America while maintaining the illusion of Democracy. It’s the biggest ruse of the 21st century and there are still millions of Americans who refuse to believe any of this is true.

People wonder why President Trump spoke with Ukrainian President Zelensky over the matter of the Biden’s corruption, but what department in our own government could possibly be trusted to fairly and honestly look into it? Joe Biden got away with it all because of the fact that the Deep State has been protecting him all along.

The impeachment isn’t about the phone call to Ukraine. The impeachment is about protecting the Deep State and shutting down the one person with the power to bring it all down.

Now, one very credible Big Tech insider has spoken out about the Deep State and the corruption that has overtaken the Department of Justice.

The True Pundit reports:

In a rare interview, Telecom legend Joseph P. Nacchio reflected on his controversial tenure as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Qwest Communications International on the latest episode of the Thomas Paine Podcast. And it is an explosive, shocking interview about how the FEDs conspire to tap your phone calls, internet — legally or not — and destroy anyone who gets in the way. You won’t find raw Intel in the mainstream media or cable TV.

Here is an excerpt from the podcast.

Nacchio referred to the Justice Department as the “largest organized crime family in America” and offered other astoninshing insights, especially on mass and wayward government surveillance of telecommunications:

“I have no respect, no respect for our system of government and laws. I think the elite — whether it’s the rich political Elite — or whether it’s a governmental Elite (the Deep State), that are always there irrespective of the president — and the politicians and the swamp so to speak — I think it’s totally corrupt.

You have universal surveillance, you have this overcriminalization of America where everybody’s breaking the law every day and the government can get information on anybody. Okay, and when they decide you’re a problem, you’re cooked — that to me would make George Orwell turn over in his grave; It would make Stalin and Hitler envious they were born a century too early.”

Sadly, still many will hear Nacchio’s claims and it won’t move them an inch closer to believing the reality of what is really going on here in the United States. This corruption has to be stopped but the only way to do this is by draining the swamp and voting out all politicians who clearly only serve the Deep State instead of the American people (Democrats). This can only happen by sharing the truth with the hopes that fellow Americans will finally see it for what it is.

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