What OC Sheriff Is Blaming For Increase In Repeat Crimes Among Illegal Aliens Will Make Liberals Cry Foul

(Tea Party 247) – Trying to talk truth and facts with liberals about the harsh realities of illegal immigration is like trying to explain quantum physics to a brick wall. Which is to say it’s pointless, though the brick wall probably still listens better than the vast majority of Democrats.

The biggest issue with illegal immigration is that a large portion of individuals who cross the border without permission end up coming here and committing violent crimes, something that is only going to happen more often thanks to many liberal cities becoming sanctuary cities that protect these violent lawbreakers.

A sheriff from Orange County, California is blaming this law for the increase in repeat crimes from illegal aliens, a statement sure to earn him a lot of hatred from the left.

Here’s more on this from CBS News:

Since California became a sanctuary state in 2017, the number of inmates with immigration detainers being arrested again after being released from jail has jumped, according to a new report from Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes.

SB 54 restricts most notifications to ICE upon an inmate’s release to the most seriously violent offenders. It became law in 2017 despite heavy opposition from the state’s law enforcement community.

“SB 54 has made our community less safe. The law has resulted in new crimes because my deputies were unable to communicate with their federal partners about individuals who committed serious offenses and present a threat to our community if released,” Barnes said in a statement. “The two-year social science experiment with sanctuary laws must end.”

According to Barnes, more than 1,500 inmates released in 2019 had ICE detainers, a request from the federal agency for notification that a particular inmate has been released. Of those inmates, 238 were re-arrested in Orange County for new crimes, including assault and battery, rape, and robbery.

The report notes that the numbers do not include anyone who may have committed crimes in Orange County, then were released to commit a crime in another county.

The rate of recidivism for those with ICE detainers is up from 2018, when 123 were arrested again for new crimes, out of more than 1,800 such inmates, according to the report.

No matter how you cut it, illegal immigration is a danger to our society in a multitude of ways. Dangerous, violent criminals are crossing the borders all the time, infiltrating our communities and causing spikes in crime rates that threaten our peace and security.

Then, of course, there’s the economic threat posed by those who cross illegally into our country. These individuals come here to take advantage of our generosity by leeching off of our welfare system, putting a heavy burden on the shoulders of taxpayers who are already strained to the max with taxation. This doesn’t seem to bother the folks who come here with no respect for our laws. They only care about getting what they want.

If something isn’t done to stop this madness, local communities, especially those located close to the border will suffer for the choices of the left, who have traded caring for their own people in exchange for a broadened voter base.

Source: losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/02/04/oc-sheriff-sb-54-sanctuary-state-law-repeat-crimes-increase-undocumented-immigrants/

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