YouTube Shuts Down Two Conservative Broadcastings Of Trump Impeachment Trial – Who’s Really Rigging The Election?

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats presented their joke of an impeachment case against President Trump Tuesday in the Senate. The hearing lasted for hours as the Democrats tried to frame Senate Republicans as being biased and unfair while begging them to call witnesses that House Dems didn’t have the apparent nerve to subpoena during their alleged investigation.

On one hand, the Dems claim the evidence they supposedly uncovered in their impeachment inquiry was airtight and undeniable but on the other hand, they claim the Senate should basically do a whole new trial with all new witnesses and evidence because the House case must not be undeniable after all.

It’s all a sham. The Senate’s role, according to the Constitution, is to evaluate the case built by the house and determine whether or not the evidence in that case warrants the President’s removal from office. The job of the Senate is not to hold its’ very own trial and introduce new witnesses and evidence. The Democrats have set the stage so that Republicans will appear to be biased and “covering for the President” should they decline to entertain this impeachment sham any further with new testimonies and evidence.

This is an absolute circus and the Democrats are a band of deranged sociopaths.

Many Americans took to the internet to tune into the charade and some were abruptly cut-off when the channels they were watching were cut-off by Google-YouTube. Two prominent feeds were blocked by the internet tyrants and, of course, both were conservative outlets.

Tom Fitton reports that YouTube took down the Judicial Watch feed:

The other site to be blocked was the popular pro-Trump website Right Side Broadcasting Network. They reported on Twitter of being shut down saying it was due to “inappropriate content.” It was the impeachment trial coverage!

“In case you were watching and wondering what happened, @YouTube removed our Senate #ImpeachmentTrial live stream video for ‘Inappropriate Content’ and given us a community violations strike without any explanation except for that it ‘violates their community guidelines.’”

If Democrats were genuinely concerned about election interference, they’d be looking at entities within their own camp. It’s all one big lie, though. The Dems pretend to care about election rigging and interference but it’s all just one big cover that they think hides their hate and disdain for President Trump.

The entire Russian-collusion narrative was a lie from the very beginning all because the Dems could not stand the fact that they lost the election. They couldn’t believe Hillary Clinton actually lost to Donald Trump.

Everything the left has done since the 2016 election has been for the sole purpose of destroying Trump and effectively our Democracy.

They have literally been trying to steal back the 2016 election and now they realize their time is running short so they’re setting their sights on the 2020 election. What YouTube is doing is nothing short of election interference. By forcing people to only watch impeachment coverage on leftist propaganda channels is blatant bias and an outright attempt to indoctrinate people who are gullible enough to listen.

All of this is in the hopes that they can still coerce and persuade people to hate Trump as much as they do. They are trying to literally steal votes by controlling the flow of information.

That’s a scary thought.

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