Trump Tweets Same Quote That Got James Woods Booted From Twitter, Proving He Has Zero Fear

(Liberty Bell) – President Trump is not a man who seems to experience any sort of social fear or anxiety, completely confident in himself and not at all worried about what others might think of the things he says or does, a quality that is sorely lacking in the vast majority of modern leadership, especially […]

‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg’s Past Continues To Haunt His Campaign; Check Out This Egregiously Racist Comment He Made About Young Men Of Color

(Liberty Bell) – There’s a lot of things that baffles the mind about “Mini Mike” Bloomberg is why in the world he decided to ever run for president, especially if he remembered half of the awful things he said on camera or audio back in the day. It should have been obvious to Bloomberg that […]

Pelosi Supporter Displays That Legendary Leftist Tolerance In Disturbing Altercation With Her GOP Challenger Caught On Video

(Liberty Bell) – One of the things we hear the most from the radical left is how much they are “tolerant” of people and how bigoted and intolerant folks on the right are toward anyone who doesn’t look like them — which translates into stale, old white dude — but when you actually stop and […]

Lindsey Graham Weighs In On Former DOJ Employees Calling For Barr Resignation; What He Says Couldn’t Be More True

(Liberty Bell) – On Monday evening, Sen. Lindsey Graham popped over to Fox News to chit chat about a letter put together by 1,000 former employees of the Department of Justice which calls for Attorney General Bill Barr to resign from his post. The letter is in response to Barr yanking a suggested sentence of […]

Pete Buttigieg Makes Huge Vow To Illegal Aliens…And You’re Going To Pay For It

(Liberty Bell) – Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg is virtue signaling his butt off as the competition heats up in the Democratic race for the party’s presidential nomination, so he’s decided to vow your money will go to illegal aliens. On Sunday, the former South Bend mayor told an illegal immigrant that, were he elected president, […]

Dan Bongino Explains Why AG Barr Is Probably “Laughing” At Demands Of 1,100 Ex-DOJ Employees

(Liberty Bell) – The Department of Justice, at any given time, reportedly employs over 100,000 people at any given time. Nonetheless, the Democrats and their media PR reps are all in a tizzy over an open letter signed by 1,100 former DOJ employees who are calling for Attorney General Bill Barr to resign immediately. Like […]

Kellyanne Conway Slams Leftist Hypocrisy Surrounding Bloomberg’s Sexist Comments

(Liberty Bell) – During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” over the weekend, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway slammed Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg’s comments made towards women who worked for him, comparing them to infamous comments that her boss, President Donald Trump, has made. She rightly noted that the former NYC mayor’s comments were […]

Mini Mike Bloomberg’s Awful Comments Bashing Farmers Sparks Outrage On Both Sides…This Is Bad

(Liberty Bell) – It’s appropriate that “Mini Mike” Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as a potential running mate, because he seems to aspire to be just as a repellant and uncharismatic a presidential candidate as she was. As the billionaire candidate who bought his way into the Democrats’ primary election faces accusations of racism and […]

Rumors Of Bloomberg-Clinton Ticket Sets Internet Ablaze…Check Out These Hilarious Tweets

(Liberty Bell) – On Saturday, a report from Drudge that former NYC mayor, billionaire, and 2020 primary candidate Michael Bloomberg is considering one Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate should he (somehow) win his party’s nomination. This, naturally, set the internet on fire. Does this man really want his life to be the only […]

And The Winner Of The Democratic Primary….No One? This Is Bad News For Dems

(Liberty Bell) – The clown show that is the Democratic party seems poised to deliver even more laughs at their expense as it becomes increasingly less likely that any of the candidates will be able to get a majority of delegates to gain the nomination. It’s actually the most likely scenario, reported the Western Journal, […]

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