Trump Goes Off On Michigan Governor Whitmer: “She Doesn’t Have A Clue”

(Liberty Bell) – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer wanted to turn the coronavirus pandemic into a personal battle with President Donald Trump, and well, she got what she wanted. The Democrat governor thought that she wouldn’t be called out by Trump after criticizing the administration’s response to the outbreak, but she was wrong about that. She […]

Here’s How Many Lies The Biden Camp Has Told About Trump In Just 6 Days

(Liberty Bell) – The Biden campaign has a lot of free time on their hands now that they can’t campaign (and Uncle Joe is not so great at the live streams), so they’re taking up their time by lying shamelessly about Trump. Within just six days, the Biden camp has issued three whopping anti-Trump lies. […]

Here’s Why Democrat New Orleans Mayor Thinks Trump Is To Blame For Outbreak In Her City

(Liberty Bell) – During a Thursday appearance on CNN, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell blamed the federal government for giving her “no red flag” ahead of the coronavirus outbreak in their city. Passing the buck to Homeland Security, the FBI, and the CDC for not advising her to stop the Mardi Gras celebrations out of […]

Alert: Illegals Demand DACA Is Saved…Because Of Coronavirus?

(Liberty Bell) – As the nation comes to grips with the severity of the coronavirus and its potential lasting impact, some are taking the opportunity to promote their agenda however they can. “Because coronavirus” is going to be the new buzzwords for the left to promote whatever radical policy they can. We’re already seeing it […]

Former Staffer For Joe Biden Just Made A Bombshell Allegation That Could Leave His Campaign Shook

(Liberty Bell) – There’s no such thing these days as a politician who is completely scandal free. After all, the very calling of politics seems to appeal the most to those who are already infatuated with power, greed, and other assorted bad behaviors and corruption of moral character. That might sound wildly pessimistic, but hey, […]

Dr. Fauci Steps Forward And Utterly Destroys Left’s Narrative About Trump’s Allegedly Dangerous Easter ‘Deadline’

(Liberty Bell) – The left in our country, even in the middle of a pandemic, is still focused on doing nothing other than trying to destroy President Trump’s chances of being re-elected come November. They’d rather spend their time attacking the president instead of using their platforms to call for Americans to set aside political […]

Video: Dem Representative Loses Her Mind During Debate Over Emergency Relief Bill Debate

(Liberty Bell) – If you’re familiar with this little corner of the Internet, you’ve probably heard the liberal ideology being referred to from time to time as a mental disorder. Most of the time that’s just said as a joke, but there are occasions when it seems that the joke is only funny because it’s […]

Watch: Joe Biden Dodges Questions, Blatantly Lies With No Pushback From CNN’s Anderson Cooper

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday night, former Vice President and current Democrat primary frontrunner Joe Biden joined Anderson Cooper for a CNN Town Hall. You may have forgotten, but there is a presidential election in November, and the best the Democrats have to offer at this point is a half-demented old creep who can’t string […]

Will The World Ever Be The Same After Coronavirus? Breitbart’s Pinkerton Doesn’t Think So. Here’s What He Said The New World Will Look Like

(Liberty Bell) – The coronavirus is not simply a new strain of the flu-bug. People are not simply “overreacting” to a minor sickness. This sucker has essentially, in a metaphorical sense, nuked the entire globe and forced the planet to go on a massive shutdown, something totally unprecedented in human history. Not only are lots […]

How The Ranking Member Of House Foreign Affairs Committee Wants To Hold China Accountable For Coronavirus Cover-Up And Disinfo Campaign

(Liberty Bell) – It doesn’t take much to look at the last few months and know exactly who to blame for the spread of the coronavirus. Communist China. They’ve lied, mismanaged, and outright shown no regard for the lives of their own citizens, much less those of the rest of the world. It’s high time […]

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