Immigrants Going to Extremes to Get In US

Immigrants Going to Extremes to Get In US

The mainstream media has been full of the so-called “migrant caravan” recently. That’s the mob of mostly Central American intruders who’ve forced their way across the Mexican border, pushed north and are now trying to break into the US. Even with the liberal slant most of the networks have put on this, it’s a scary sight. But let’s dig a bit deeper into just what some of these people are willing to do to cross our border… that’s really scary.


  • Most members of the “migrant caravan” are military-age men. These are people who, since the mob reached the US border, have been throwing rocks and bottles at US and Mexican cops and border guards. The media, of course, has focused on women and the children who’ve been forced to walk, often in appalling conditions, from Guatemala and Honduras to northern Mexico. What they haven’t done is show how cynically these children have been exploited, as migrants adopt increasingly extreme tactics to get into this country.
  • Last week, the US Border Patrol released film from one of their cameras near the San Luis crossing point. The footage showed a people smuggler climbing to the top of the 18-foot border wall and helping a group of illegals across. Shockingly, at least two small children were dropped from the top of the wall onto US territory. The illegals surrendered to Border Patrol agents who responded to what they saw on the camera; the smuggler managed to escape back into Mexico and wasn’t caught.
  • The illegals turned out to be Guatemalans; three of them were children, aged ten, seven and two. One of the children who’d been dropped from the wall sustained facial injuries when they fell and needed medical treatment from the Border Patrol.
  • It’s no surprise when illegals are willing to risk injuring US law enforcement by pelting them with rocks, but when they’re happy to risk harming their own children by having them thrown over the border wall, that gives an idea of just how determined and unscrupulous these people can be. Of course, rich liberals can protest that they’re just desperate to make a better life for themselves in the United States, but it isn’t the rich liberals who’ll be welcoming them as new neighbors. At least some of the illegals seem to care little for their own children’s safety; how much will they care about ours?

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